Digital Advertising

We use data and insight to drive customer acquisition and retention growth across paid search, paid social and email.

Our Approach

1. Audience

Before commencing any digital advertising we work with you to identify your target audience using existing data and running audience profiling workshops.

2. Channel

Once we fully understand the target audience we select the most relevant digital platforms to target these users. Aligning personalised messaging / creative to improve conversion rate.

3. Revenue Growth

Groundswell focuses fully on revenue growth over all other metrics. Our advertising approach and optimisation strategies will ensure we maximise return on advertising spend across all channels.

Our Services

Paid Search

Key focus on smart paid search management across Google and Bing. Our team has experience building and managing multi lingual International paid search accounts with individual account spends in excess of £5million annually.


Experts in shopping ads for retailers who want to maximise revenue across Google and Bing. Our unique approach to shopping will ensure you target the right customers with the most profitable and relevant products.

Paid Social

Targeting potential and existing customers via the correct social channels. We run integrated campaigns for clients across, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter & Linkedin ensuring the right channels are used to drive the most effective return of your budget.

Remarketing / Retention

Segmentation of your audiences based on intent and interaction to target users with the most relevant and engaging remarketing messaging across social, display & email.

Display Advertising

We deliver strategic display advertising focused on revenue and leads over all other metrics. Our approach is based on defining your audience, targeting the highest intent users and aligning relevant creative.

Email Automation

Using a custom data layer, we help to integrate our preferred email platform to your website to ensure smart email segmentation. Our team will them work on a fully customised email strategy to setup, implement and run automated email flows to maximise return.

Tracking, Attribution & Analysis

Everything we do is based on data, correct tracking across all channels and running an attribution model that fits each client. Our performance advertising framework is based fully on ROI and analysis is critical to our advertising approach.


We provide each client with a customised multi channel report that is easy to understand yet provides as much data as necessary to ensure your advertising spend is generating the growth expected.

Our Accreditations